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settling in

After a week and a half, we are pretty well settled in our new apartment. Boxes have been unpacked, things have been reorganized, and we’ve tried a Chinese restaurant near us, leased a second car, attended an outdoor Nashville Symphony concert, went to Immanuel Church, and most of all enjoyed the time off together.

To my delight, my normal cooking routine has resumed, and I’ve tried several new recipes, including pasta with peas, bacon, and ricotta recommended by my dear friend Kristin, man-pleasing chicken, and curried chicken salad. I’ve also pinned several more recipes that I’d like to try in the next couple of weeks. And Matt helped me begin a container garden on our balcony! So far we have a few herbs (basil, cilantro, and dill), a tomato plant, and a mosquito plant which to ward off the bugs! Though not in bloom yet, it’s supposed to have yellow flowers (Google is showing more of a fuchsia color, however), and the leaves smell like citronella.

It’s going to be a while before the apartment is fully put together. Nothing is on the walls yet, but here are a few glimpses of what I’ve started so far.

Matt shaved his beard after growing it out…for twenty-some days I believe? Regardless, it’s the longest he’s ever gone, and he was pretty excited about it. (I was more excited when he shaved it off). 🙂

Finally the Tiguan! It will serve as our ‘family car’ for the next few years until I graduate to a minivan.

Oh, and you’ve probably been wondering about AikensInSeattle since we no longer live in Seattle. I’m working on a new blog and will hopefully reveal it sometime next week!


22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks, 5 days
Baby Size: 1 pound and 8 inches long!
Total weight gain: 10.5 pounds
Maternity clothes? I’m definitely fitting into maternity clothes now, but I can still get away with wearing my regular clothes too.
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: Our bed has been so comfortable this week after being on the road last week. I’m loving my body pillow and haven’t had any problems with my hips hurting so far.
Best moment(s) this week: Spending time with Matt’s sister Mackenzie, getting settled into our new place, and registering at Babies R Us!
Miss Anything? I’m missing our community group and game nights with friends back in Seattle this week.
Movement: She is most active (or at least I can feel her the most) at night and in the morning, especially when I’m lying still. I still love feeling her every time, and now it’s even more exciting because Matt can feel her move too!!
Food cravings: Fruit snacks, chinese, salads.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Everything is agreeing with me now. I have even had onions a few times, and they haven’t bothered me at all like the did in my first trimester.
Gender: Baby girl.
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: I’ve developed some type of rash over the past week…I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy related or not, but sensitive/itchy skin is common during pregnancy. A little dizziness off and on. Feeling great most of the time!
Belly Button in or out? Still in, slowly getting flatter.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Mood: I have had my ups and downs this week with all the transition, but overall happy :).
Looking forward to: Decorating, my parents coming to visit, and picking out fabric for Baby A’s nursery.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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2,611 miles (part 2)

We arrived in Arthur, Iowa on Wednesday evening. Grandma Aiken had chicken enchiladas, bread, and salad ready for us and had even made rhubarb bundt cake for dessert, all after they had driven back from Colorado! We loved spending time with them for a day, and it was also a nice break from the road. Thursday night Grandma Aiken and I went to a ladies’ event for their church at the Prairie Pedlar. I loved looking at all the themed flower gardens, and I also met the lady who gave Matt hot chocolate when he ended up in a ditch near their house years ago on an icy night!

My picture taking this day was a bit rough.

We had planned to leave Iowa Friday morning, drive to St. Louis, then drive the rest of the way on Saturday morning. Well, Matt decided it would be best to get as close to Nashville as possible so we would could maximize time to get settled on Saturday. We drove all the way to Clarksville, TN – just under an hour away from our apartment!! It was a long drive, but I’m so glad we did it. It was exciting to wake up Saturday morning and know we were so close!

I missed the Missouri sign, but was able to snap a pic on my iPhone (I was trying to do Twitter updates and take pictures on my new camera!).

It was dark when we entered Tennessee, but luckily I have the state sign from our last trip.

And this is what our apartment community looks like!

Thank you for all your prayers! We arrived safely with minimal challenges along the way. Matt drove the entire time, never got tired, and was a excellent road trip companion. I think I might venture to say that I’m not opposed to road tripping again…just not for a while :).

2,611 miles (part 1)

Matt and I are in Nashville!! We arrived on Saturday, greeted by Mackenzie (our new neighbor!), Nancy, Mallory, and Maclean. We’re living east of the city in Mt. Juliet in a two bedroom apartment that is very spacious compared to our cozy one bedroom in Seattle. Our balcony wraps around two sides of the apartment, and I can’t wait to start a little container garden once we are unpacked. Bruce (the blue spruce tree we bought as our Christmas tree last year) is happily sitting in the sun and has a lot of new growth – I think he loves the southern sun as much as I do!

Our 2,611 mile trip was good overall. There was one day in the middle that I did not want to be in the car and was pretty grumpy the entire day (poor Matt), but for the most part it was exciting, there was a lot to see, and we just enjoyed the time together.

Before I get to the photos… before we left Seattle, Matt surprised me with  an early birthday present – a DSLR camera!!  I know absolutely nothing about photography but love taking photos and am eager to learn. Needless to say, I snapped tons of photos on the road. Hope you enjoy the scenery!

All packed up and ready to go!

One last look at the Seattle skyline

Driving through Washington (the prettiest in my opinion)

And Idaho!

We checked on the car trailer every few hours (well I watched, obviously).

3rd and final state for Day #1 and Matt’s favorite – Montana

Day #2 … Still in Montana

Finally another state!

Alright, I just decided to break this into two posts. Check back tomorrow to read about our stop in Iowa to visit Matt’s grandparents and the second half of our trip!