So Long Seattle

We’re settling into our Nashville apartment, and I’m loving it so far! Reflecting on our time in Seattle, I’m so humbled by the ways in which the Lord has blessed us – the many changes in our lives and how he has provided for us emotionally, socially, and financially along the way.

Spending the first 9 months of our marriage away from all familiarity really helped us depend on the Lord and trust fully in him. It also drew us close together, deepening our friendship and love for each other. We started praying this spring that God would reveal where he was leading us next, and in April it became clear to us that our Seattle season was over. I’ve always had a really hard time saying goodbye to people, leaving places I’m familiar with, and transitioning to something new. I’m so thankful for the peace we had about moving.

I’ll miss a lot of things about Seattle.

Our little one-bedroom apartment was right above a grocery store, where I could pick up groceries after getting off the bus.

 Game nights and get-togethers with friends, even though it was a little cramped.

Walking to everything. We lived in the heart of Ballard and could walk (in under a half mile) to restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream, library, bank, pharmacy, the Ballard Locks – even to my hair salon, doctor, eye doctor, and midwife.

Food. The food in Seattle is amazing. Everything is fresh, organic, local (often grown on site), fish caught that day – you get the picture. There are hardly any chain restaurants, and we quickly found our favorites.

Being members of Mars Hill Church, not only where we worshipped Jesus, but where we made friends and where Matt worked.

Memories. Even of things I will not miss, like trying to park our car between a large pole and a 1960s Carmen Ghia (where our first married argument took place).

The beauty of the water surrounding the city on a clear day.

Being close to family – Matt’s cousin Mandi, her husband Nelson, and new baby Ella (whom I just call my cousins now :)).

And most of all our community group and friends (not all of whom are pictured here).

There are so many things we’re looking forward to in Nashville.

  • Living out God’s call in our lives to live intentionally where we are now.
  • Being close to family (Mackenzie and Adam).
  • Becoming part of a local church.
  • Making new friends.
  • Having a spacious two-bedroom apartment where we’ll be able to more comfortably host guests.
  • Lower grocery expenses, which translates to more recipe experimentation for me!
  • A lower cost of living in general, allowing us to give more and also save for a house.
  • A new job for Matt as an IT Auditor at a health insurance company.
  • For myself, transitioning to working part-time hourly, allowing me to pursue more of my interests and to prepare our home before Baby A arrives.

So now I must say goodbye to this blog highlighting life in Seattle.

Check back tomorrow for the link to my new blog!


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