settling in

After a week and a half, we are pretty well settled in our new apartment. Boxes have been unpacked, things have been reorganized, and we’ve tried a Chinese restaurant near us, leased a second car, attended an outdoor Nashville Symphony concert, went to Immanuel Church, and most of all enjoyed the time off together.

To my delight, my normal cooking routine has resumed, and I’ve tried several new recipes, including pasta with peas, bacon, and ricotta recommended by my dear friend Kristin, man-pleasing chicken, and curried chicken salad. I’ve also pinned several more recipes that I’d like to try in the next couple of weeks. And Matt helped me begin a container garden on our balcony! So far we have a few herbs (basil, cilantro, and dill), a tomato plant, and a mosquito plant which to ward off the bugs! Though not in bloom yet, it’s supposed to have yellow flowers (Google is showing more of a fuchsia color, however), and the leaves smell like citronella.

It’s going to be a while before the apartment is fully put together. Nothing is on the walls yet, but here are a few glimpses of what I’ve started so far.

Matt shaved his beard after growing it out…for twenty-some days I believe? Regardless, it’s the longest he’s ever gone, and he was pretty excited about it. (I was more excited when he shaved it off). 🙂

Finally the Tiguan! It will serve as our ‘family car’ for the next few years until I graduate to a minivan.

Oh, and you’ve probably been wondering about AikensInSeattle since we no longer live in Seattle. I’m working on a new blog and will hopefully reveal it sometime next week!


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