2,611 miles (part 1)

Matt and I are in Nashville!! We arrived on Saturday, greeted by Mackenzie (our new neighbor!), Nancy, Mallory, and Maclean. We’re living east of the city in Mt. Juliet in a two bedroom apartment that is very spacious compared to our cozy one bedroom in Seattle. Our balcony wraps around two sides of the apartment, and I can’t wait to start a little container garden once we are unpacked. Bruce (the blue spruce tree we bought as our Christmas tree last year) is happily sitting in the sun and has a lot of new growth – I think he loves the southern sun as much as I do!

Our 2,611 mile trip was good overall. There was one day in the middle that I did not want to be in the car and was pretty grumpy the entire day (poor Matt), but for the most part it was exciting, there was a lot to see, and we just enjoyed the time together.

Before I get to the photos… before we left Seattle, Matt surprised me with  an early birthday present – a DSLR camera!!  I know absolutely nothing about photography but love taking photos and am eager to learn. Needless to say, I snapped tons of photos on the road. Hope you enjoy the scenery!

All packed up and ready to go!

One last look at the Seattle skyline

Driving through Washington (the prettiest in my opinion)

And Idaho!

We checked on the car trailer every few hours (well I watched, obviously).

3rd and final state for Day #1 and Matt’s favorite – Montana

Day #2 … Still in Montana

Finally another state!

Alright, I just decided to break this into two posts. Check back tomorrow to read about our stop in Iowa to visit Matt’s grandparents and the second half of our trip!

2 thoughts on “2,611 miles (part 1)

  1. Beautiful!! I’ve never been to any of those states! Your pictures are so good!! I hope you are enjoying settling into Nashville – I miss you guys!

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