One year ago

This is my beloved and this is my friend.
Song of Sol 5:16 

One year ago today, the man of my dreams asked me to spend the rest of this life with him. Here’s a recount of Matt’s proposal from our wedding website, told from his perspective.

So, it was a sunny, slightly balmy day in late May. I was on the road for work in Charlottesville, VA so Lauren hopped in her car and met me for the day. She thought we were just going to hang for the weekend. Oh how I love surprises.

The day started with a delicious lunch at Bodo’s Bagels, a Charlottesville favorite. We then drove down the road to Veritas Vineyard.  We grabbed a bottle of wine and a cheese plate and sat in two rocking chairs in the shade of a lone tree near the tasting room.

So we were sitting there talking when two gals came and sat about ten yards from us. Now, I knew that Lauren being pretty private would not want me to propose with them so close. I racked my brain for ways to get them to move without alerting Lauren. So, I sent her to the car to bring me my birthday present (not gentlemanly, I know). Meanwhile, I asked the gals to move. They cheerfully obliged me.

Lauren came back with my gift, a pair of new balance shoes that I had wanted for a while. It was a great gift, but I playfully informed her that mine was better. The time had come.

For those of you who wonder how I knew Lauren was the one, this is what I told her and continue to tell her. I know that I want to marry Lauren because I know that she loves me. She deeply cares for me. I do not fear losing her love. It is a simple thing, but an important thing.

So, after telling her that I walked her through what I envisioned for the next few decades. She excitedly affirmed where I wanted to take us, so without so much as a flinch, I slid to one knee. The first thing out of Lauren’s mouth was “Are you serious!?!” to which I laughed and said, “Yes, Lauren will you marry me?” She wrapped her arms around me (claiming to have said Yes. I don’t remember). A few minutes later, I asked to put the ring on her finger as I was still holding it.

Remembering what an exciting day that was and reflecting on the many blessings in our lives in the past year. Matt, thank you for loving and leading me every single day. I love you!!!

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