Big News

Hi everybody! Matt is posting today with some big news about our family.

Some of you might have heard that I was laid off back in April. So, I have been on the job hunt for the better part of the last 40 days. By God’s grace, I was offered a job in Nashville, TN Friday! I will be assuming the role of IT Auditor at HealthSpring, a Medicare Advantage provider that was recently bought by Cigna.

With the baby on the way, we wanted to find somewhere to settle down and also be closer to family while still also in a city. Nashville seemed like a great fit. When we went to Indiana for Eloise’s graduation, we actually flew through Nashville to explore different neighborhoods and scope out some apartments. Lauren felt right at home as soon as we landed, as the Tennessee culture is a little more comparable to Indiana than Seattle is.

Lauren and I are also excited because we will be near my sister and brother-in-law! In fact, we plan on moving to the same apartment complex as them. This will be great, especially with Mackenzie anxiously awaiting becoming an Aunt in October. 

So, we are packing up this week and will hit the road on Tuesday the 29th. We are going to take the northern route through Montana and South Dakota. Lauren has never seen Mt. Rushmore so we will be taking a brief detour in Rapid City. Then, we are going to head to Iowa for a day to stay with my grandparents on their farm. Finally, we will go through St. Louis and pull into Nashville on Monday.

Be praying for us as this is an extraordinary time for our family! It will stretch our marriage, give us stories to tell our little girl, and most of all, teach Lauren that road trips ARE fun. 

That’s right, I have never taken a road trip. Riding in the car puts me to sleep. (…like sleeping 8 of the 13 hours our family drives down to Florida every year.) In fact, my mom told me that she would sometimes take me for a short drive as a baby to get me to fall asleep. We are both looking forward to the trip though. I’m bringing along a couple books, and Matt is prepared to make lots of stops along the way for stretching and bathroom breaks to keep both me and baby girl comfortable :). Pray that we have a safe trip! 2,496 miles is a LONG way!

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