Boy or Girl??

Today we find out if Baby A is a boy or a girl! We couldn’t be more excited!! I thought it would be fun to do a run through of some myths and old wives tales gender predictions.

1. Chinese gender chart says: Girl
2. Lots of morning sickness (girl), or not too sick (boy)?: Boy
3. Do you crave sweet foods (girl) or salty (boy)?: Girl
4. Is your skin clear (boy) or do you have breakouts (girl)?: Boy
5. Is the heartbeat above 140 bpm (girl) or below 140 bpm (boy)?: Girl
6. Have you been more clumsy (boy) or graceful (girl)?: Boy
7. Consider your age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or both are odd (girl). If one is even and one is odd (boy): Boy
8. My “mother’s intuition” says: Early in my pregnancy, I thought Girl, but the past couple of months I have thought Boy so I really have no clue!!
9. The husband’s “father’s intuition” says: Matt has not once claimed to know. When asked what it was, he said Boy. Then five minutes later he said Girl. This was all after joking that we aren’t going to find out tomorrow. He has no idea…:)
10. My mom says: Boy
11. Mother-in-law says: Girl
12. Siblings: Eloise – Boy, Victoria – Boy, Mackenzie – Boy, Merrick – Girl, Maclendon – Boy, Mallory – Girl, Maclean – Girl

Tell me what you think! 

And check back this weekend to see what the ultrasound reveals!!!

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