Nursery Beginnings

With our ultrasound just a few days away, I’m beginning to let my thoughts wander to nursery planning. I’ve only looked around a tiny bit because I knew if I started early, I would end up with an entire boy nursery and girl nursery because I love looking at interior design magazines and websites!

I came across a couple tutorials today for fitted crib sheets and a crib skirt (pinned here on my new “nursery” board). I had such a hard time picking out bedding after our wedding that I am leaning toward customizing the nursery bedding by picking fabric and making it myself.

You should really check out this amazing website I stumbled upon. It has hundreds of color palettes and is exactly what I was looking for to find a little color inspiration. Even if you aren’t decorating a nursery, it’s an excellent resource for remodelling/redecorating, weddings, craft projects, even styling outfits.

Seeing these palettes makes me really itch to get started!!



 What are your go-to places for design inspiration? How about nursery basics?

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3 thoughts on “Nursery Beginnings

  1. nate&amy says:

  2. LOVE that color website! So fun. Can’t wait to come up with a project to use it on!

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