diy wreath

Matt has been out of town for a few days for work.
So I’ve been busy crafting.
I love love love making things.
Probably from all the crafts my mom used to do with us as little girls.
I can’t wait to sit down at the kitchen table with my kids and create things with them.
Hopefully they will enjoy it too :).

Last week my mom and I got burlap and cream felt to make a wreath.
(Pinterest-inspired, of course).
We didn’t have time to make it though, so I sat down to work on it last night.
I need to move the twine on the right-hand side down a bit.
But I’m pleased with how it turned out overall.
Stay tuned for baby updates!!
They are coming soon!

3 thoughts on “diy wreath

  1. kristin says:

    your writing style looks strikingly similar to mine :). nice work on the wreath. miss you.

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