Matt and I have both been blessed with wonderful families, and being away from them is hard. I very much miss my college and grad school days where my family was less than 90 minutes away. And I also miss DC where many of my weekends were spent with my now second family, and Indiana was just a short flight away.

God has been gracious to us in Seattle though, providing clarity that this is where we are called right now, surrounding us with community, and giving us both the ability to visit our families and host them here. I’m so thankful for families that we do miss. And for a husband who comforts me and encourages me when it is hard, reflecting Jesus who loves us and comforts us perfectly. We’re excited to start our own family here and hope that one day when our children move away, they will miss us as much as we miss our families.

My parents came to Seattle to visit us this week! Our time together was wonderful!! The long weekend was filled with lots of catching up, a little site seeing, enjoying Seattle’s food, and crafting, baking, and shopping with my mom while the guys watched basketball and played video games. And as a plus, the weather was amazing all weekend (even though it’s still a little chilly here). All of the pictures of Matt and I are on my mom’s camera, so I’ll have to post those later :). Here’s a glimpse of our time together.

Golden Gardens


Mom and Dad, thank you for coming to visit us!!! We had so much fun.

Aikens, we can’t wait to see you in MAY!

5 thoughts on “family

  1. Melissa says:

    Look at those blue skies! Beautiful. So glad you could enjoy this time with your parents.

  2. Jodi Whitted says:

    I loved seeing these pictures!!! I also loved the purse you were carrying with your mom at the beach!

  3. Love reading your blog posts!

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