Introducing Baby A!

We’re having a baby!!!

Since many of us are separated by states, timezones, or even countries, I wanted to start a blog in hopes of keeping in better touch. My hope is to not write solely about the baby, but since this is a huge event in our lives, you can be sure to expect lots of photos, updates, and stories throughout our journey to parenthood. For those of you we haven’t talked to in great depth, I’ll share a few details thus far.

Our first prenatal appointment was today. We met with one of the midwives at Swedish Ballard, the hospital (about 5 blocks from our apartment) where I will give birth. We really enjoyed the lengthy appointment with Heather as she took an interest in us personally, answered many questions, and outlined the prenatal care I’ll receive.

We’ve decided to participate in their Centering Program. This is a group approach to traditional prenatal care. We will meet monthly with 8-12 other couples who are due around the same time as us to go through the health assessment, education, and support process. We’re very excited to share this season of our lives with other couples who are experiencing the same thing and think it will be a great missional opportunity as well.

To answer some FAQs…

  • I’m somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks along, which makes the baby’s due date approximately October 8, 2012!
  • Since we saw only one baby on the ultrasound today, ‘Luke’ and ‘Leia’ are officially off the name list (sorry Matt!).
  • I’ve been really blessed with a fantastic pregnancy so far. Other than fatigue, I have been feeling great overall.
  • We are going to find out the sex and will do so sometime late April to early May.
  • I’m not showing yet (see below), but I’m looking forward to a little baby bump in the near future :).

You can be praying for protection of the baby throughout the rest of my pregnancy and that God will prepare my heart and Matt’s for parenthood in these coming months.

We’re excited to share this news with all of you, but we ask that you please do not post anything publicly (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) until we have.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Baby A!

  1. nate&amy says:

    You’re cute next to that pinterest board 🙂 glad you’re blogging again!

  2. stephanie says:

    YAY! I love this. Can’t wait to read (and see) more as you progress!

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